About my work

In my years as freelance photographer I have gotten to work for some of the world’s leading brands, tourism boards and hotel associations to create photos and stories - from Nikon to Mercedes-Benz and The Luxury Collection. The results are always meaningful stories that viewers feel connected with.

Ways in which you can work with me.


Sometimes it’s all about visuals. In a world that is full of photography it’s not easy to stand apart. That’s why it’s essential to find a photographer that fits your brand’s needs and aesthetics. My way of working focuses on natural light, emotive and poetic photography and playing with feelings while keeping the scenery pure and real and sometimes a little raw around the edges. In the end, the viewers should get an authentic sense of a place – of course with a dreamy twist.

Social Media Collaborations

My journey as a photographer started on Instagram, where I was lucky enough to have signed up early on and with years and years of growth and pouring her heart and soul into the platform I now have a community of over 250,000 people following along my journey. My audience is mainly from the US, Germany and Austria. They are equally passionate about travelling and photography and interested in learning about the world in meaningful ways.

I am very selective with the brands I work with on social media – an approach that my community appreciates and that has built trust over the years. I don’t offer standard product sponsorships, but focus 100% on travel stories and brand partnerships that provide added value and benefits to my community and align with my values.

Public Speaking

Unlike many other (especially female) photographers, I don’t shy away from speaking in front of an audience (or a camera for that purpose). I have hosted travel talks at international conferences with a few hundred people in the audience as well as private workshops and I have recorded on-screen talks about travel photography and Social Media for brands such as Nikon.

If you’re looking for an authentic and motivational speaker then I’d be glad to connect. Wether it’s a large travel summit or a brand event you’re planning, please feel free to reach out.


I made it my passion to share knowledge constantly. After all, I started my career in Social Media due to my crave for sharing – and after sharing thousands of travel photos and stories it was about time to share more than that! My community has always appreciated my open and honest way to share my knowledge and tips – not just when it comes to travelling, but also about my photography techniques, camera equipment and how I created my personal brand. Therefore, I now offer a wide array of workshops and hosting talks and lectures. My main workshop topics include:

  • Instagram Workshops
  • Social Media Strategy Workshops
  • Workshops on Self Branding for Artists, Photographers and small companies
  • Influencer Marketing Workshops

Want to know more about my work?

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