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My creative journey started about a decade ago, when signing up on Instagram. Little did I know how much this app would change my life. After years in tourism school and later on studying journalism I had yet to find something that felt like a true calling. Instagram came to ignite my love for photography in a profound way.

After my office hours I started to go on regular photo walks and found a new community of like-minded creatives. Thinking back to the very first words I spoke, the circle miraculously closes: “Look!” (“Schau mal”) was the first thing I said when growing up. Before I could even walk it seems I had already opened my eyes to the world around me and wanted to share my discoveries with the people around me. Not a lot has changed since then after all!

“I am a keen observer. My perspective of the world comes from an introspective approach. I often compare photography to a form of pure concentrated meditation.

How it all started

In Namibia I discovered a deep affection for Africa and for safaris and wildlife conservation. This instant connection led me to seek further assignments on the African continent. Subsaharan Africa has since been one of my key focus areas and (with a pandemic-induced pause) I had the chance to document travels to Zambia, Botswana, Kenya and Rwanda in the last years.

Today, one of my main missions is to share my discoveries and empower other women to find and follow their own paths – be it as photographers or artisans, wildlife rangers or scientists. Luckily many of my clients support me on that path by funding female empowerment projects together.

A few facts about me.

  • Passionate about wildlife conservation & safari tourism
  • Consistently engaging in acts of female empowerment
  • Based in Vienna, Austria (Europe), but travelling 50% of the year
  • Co-Founder of the @printsforwildlife fundraiser, which raised over 2.1 million US dollars for wildlife conservation & community work in Africa since 2020.
  • Co-Founder of Unleashed Studio – a social media branding & strategy studio based in Vienna, Austria
  • Founding Member of @bellcollective – a community of female creators – with a mission to break stereotypes and elevate female creative voices.
  • Nikon Female Facets jury member and mentor – as part of my exclusive Nikon partnership.
  • Mercedes-Benz #ShesMercedes ambassador for Austria
I’m a travel photographer with a mission: In all that I do, I want to empower women to find their voice, go out explore & create. My life‘s work revolves around sharing opportunities with other female creators, giving away my knowledge and experience to as many women as possible and levelling the playing field in the process.
Marion Payr

My Photo & Travel equipment

  • Nikon Z 6II

    My main camera, mirrorless wonder and perfect travel companion. Lightweight, super fast and crisp image quality.

  • Nikon Z 6

    My secondary camera and reliable back-up system.

  • Nikkor Z 24-70mm 2.8

    The ultimate lens for my travels.

  • Nikkor Z 50mm 1.8

    The lens I use for portraits, close-ups – often combined with a filter for some artsy effects.

  • Nikkor Z 70-200mm 2.8

    A heavyweight, but my trusted partner when I want to capture some otherwise unreachable details.

  • Nikkor Z 14-24mm 2.8

    The wide angle lens, that I should use more often… Works great for interiors.

  • Filters

    I sometimes use a cross filter for sparkly water shots or a diffusion filter for a soft look – especially on sunny days with bright and harsh light.

  • DJI drones

    One of the many good reasons why I work with my husband, who’s a licensed drone pilot and videographer.

  • Nikkor Z 100-400mm 4.5-5.6

    My go-to safari lens to shoot wildlife scenes – a versatile allrounder with a convincing image quality.

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