About my work

As a photographer it’s crucial for me to explore my work in different forms - from assignments to my own projects. Over the years I’ve been able to witness the magnificent power of photography and how the medium can be used to entice positive change. So my personal projects focus on philanthropic work for the topics I’m passionate about - wildlife conservation and female empowerment. But it doesn’t end there. I’ve also used my experience in Social Media and my travels as a starting point to share my knowledge in the form of a Social Media agency I co-founded as well as my travel blog in which I share my tips from the years of travelling I’ve been fortunate enough to experience.

Prints for Wildlife

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Prints for Wildlife is a fundraiser for African wildlife and communities that has raised 2.1 million US dollars since its inception in 2020. Together with documentary photographer Pie Aerts I am  the founder of the fundraiser that unites over 240 acclaimed wildlife photographers and emerging talents for the cause. For 100 dollars each an outstanding selection of limited edition wildlife prints is available once a year for a limited period of just one month to help raise funds for the conservation non-profit African Parks, to support people and wildlife in the 22 parks in 12 countries under their management. 100% of the proceeds (after printing and handling) are going directly to African Parks.

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In 2017 I realized that Instagram was too limited to share the vast experiences of my travels. Therefore I started writing a travel blog as a resource for discerning travellers who enjoy laid-back luxury and a deep dive into the destinations they visit. The blog has since attracted thousands of visitors from all around the globe.

Since the launch I have covered stories from over 40 countries and won’t stop there. The blog is still my favorite tool to convey deeper stories alongside my photography.

Unleashed Studio

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Together with a team of 3 outstanding creatives we have launched our own social media branding & strategy studio in 2018. Since then the four of US have worked for clients such as bellaflora, voestalpine, VIVAMAYR, Thomas Brezina, Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft, Wein&Co and many more. The social media studio is based in Vienna, Austria.

Bell Collective

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Bell Collective is an international female (-identifying) creators’ collective that was founded in 2017 by Alina Rudya. I am a founding member of the collective and have been part of projects from exhibitions to female photo days, workshops and photo productions on Madeira, Fuerteventura and many more.

The common goal of Bell Collective is to use visual storytelling to change stereotypes about female travel & creative choices. We are dedicated to telling inspiring stories via photography, videography, and hosting workshops and events.

Our 1st book, Bell Collective: Unterwegs mit den neuen Pionierinnen der Reisefotografie (DuMont) came out in 2019.

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