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A journey into the world of travel photography & storytelling by Marion Payr.

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As a photographer and storyteller I believe in the power of imagery and stories to convey values to future generations and deepen our understanding for each other and our globe. See what I mean in these recent travel stories I created!

A immersive

It’s been 4 years since I first set foot on Zambian soil and I swore to return. 2023 finally marked the year where I could make my promise come true. Zambia will forever be my love!

The wild side of Zambia

Going offline in

In 2023 I’m among the first participants in the world’s very first #offlinevillage Gargellen (Montafon, Vorarlberg, Austria). It’s called “Offlinedorf” and all the participants are locking away their phones for a full week of being offline.

Offlinedorf by Offline Institute in Gargellen, Montafon, Vorarlberg, Austria

A new luxury hotel in

Even before the brand-new Almanac Palais Vienna luxury hotel opened its doors I got to shoot the first impressions for their pre-opening website, Social Media and PR activities. Since then I’ve become the main photographer of the property and shot everything from their summer menu to the coffee shop and spa.

Almanac Palais Vienna

about wildlife
in Rwanda.

After raising 2.1 million dollars for conservation non-profit African Parks since 2020 I got to visit Rwanda to learn what the impact is on the ground.


During a recent trip to Kenya, I learned more about the intricate connection between tourism, conservation and community welfare.

Engulfing myself
in mysterious

For my 40th birthday I decided to return to one of my favourite places – the Yucatán peninsula. And of course I didn’t leave my camera back home.

Mexico by Marion Payr

A dream-like

In Botswana I stayed in the Makgadikgadi Salt Pan for a starry night sleep out. There’s no better way to feel deeply connected to nature.

An inquisitive
look behind

During a 3 week guided tour of Rajasthan I had to learn to appreciate the sensory overload while getting a peak behind the curtains.

Dedication & Care

At the centre of my work is a dedication to the art of conscious and responsible travelling, which unites us globally and can act as a driving force for cultural understanding, sustainable economic growth and wildlife & nature conservation. This is the kind of work I seek and how we can best collaborate.

From curation to an
editorial approach...

I’m not just a photographer, but inherently curious & passionate about the tourism industry while having a background in journalism.

Therefore I work with an editorial approach on each of my assignments. I’m not only interested in the visual and aesthetic aspect of my work as a photographer, but also seek to discover and document the underlying stories in candid detail.

My photos are equally important as my research about the places I visit and with my writing I can add another layer to the travel stories I create.

“At the core of my work is an editorial approach to travel photography & storytelling. It’s the drive to find an evocative angle that nurtures the desire to truly and deeply connect with a destination while travelling.”
Marion Payr



This is a small selection of my long-term clients. Working together in a collaborative manner for years creates a deeper level of mutual understanding, which I appreciate and which also shows in the work that we get to create together. I’m thankful to be able to collaborate with such wonderful brands and the kind & caring people behind them.

“It is super pleasant to work with Marion. She sets an example for female empowerment – personally as well as professionally. We can rely on her skills and constantly receive results of highest quality. She does not only carry out our concepts but contributes ideas proactively. When working with Marion, we can be sure that we work with an absolute professional.”
Mag. Bernhard Bauer, Director Marketing & Communications Mercedes-Benz Österreich GmbH

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